I don't know anything cool like that.

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This is the coolest thing!!

do it!!

this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve done this like three times now

I want to Fail

I know that everyone wants to do their best and succeed at all that they do but I don’t. I want to try and fail. I want to have to quit. move home. start over. I want to let everyone know that I am not perfect. That I don’t get everything right. I’m tired of trying to be the perfect child. Because I’m not. And I don’t know how to make that happen. I mean… How do you tell people that you want to give up? You don’t… that how. 

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Finals week is a bitch…

I know that I have a final tonight.

And I know that I should be studying for it.

But all I want to do is clean everything I see.

Don’t know why because this never happens…

but I know its not going to last long…

so it would be wrong of me to not take advantage of it while it lasts right?

Ugh… These are the problems I deal with when it comes to procrastination and I feel like the fact that it is finals week and its warm outside and I am so close to being done with school is only making this problem worse. As I have come to learn: Its amazing the amount of stuff that you can get done when you are avoiding doing homework! And that apparently means cleaning too! 

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what if snails are actually demons and that’s why they react badly to salt 


You’re right. You’ve figured it out. My whole ingenious plan to corrupt the world to evil, and to stray from the light was based on fucking snails, and you caught me out. Ruined the whole thing. You must be so proud.

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Sass Master Satan.

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