I don't know anything cool like that.

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This is the coolest thing!!

do it!!

this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve done this like three times now

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Finals week is a bitch…

I know that I have a final tonight.

And I know that I should be studying for it.

But all I want to do is clean everything I see.

Don’t know why because this never happens…

but I know its not going to last long…

so it would be wrong of me to not take advantage of it while it lasts right?

Ugh… These are the problems I deal with when it comes to procrastination and I feel like the fact that it is finals week and its warm outside and I am so close to being done with school is only making this problem worse. As I have come to learn: Its amazing the amount of stuff that you can get done when you are avoiding doing homework! And that apparently means cleaning too! 

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